Cherokee Veterans Community was created to help Veterans and their families lead fulfilling lives by providing skills and customized services that can be applied to everyday life. We have partnered with OperationNotForgotten to bring Vet Life Community to Cherokee County. Meetings are free for all veterans. No sign up is needed just stop by. 

Every Thursday 6:30pm - 8pm

First Baptist Church Woodstock 

Male Veteran (Building "A" Room 260)

Female Veteran (Building "A" Room 261)


(Google Maps of location, turn by turn directions at bottom of the page)


Fact: One in three returning troops from the war zones are being diagnosed with serious Post Traumatic Stress symptoms − and less than 40% will receive help (PTSD Foundation of America). It is an established fact that approximately 76% of all veterans never see the inside of a VA medical Center or VA Clinic because most are reluctant to admit difficulties or communicate their pain for fear it may be perceived as weakness by family members, buddies, friends and co-workers− and  many fear the potential label, or stigma of mental illness.

Fact: For troops suffering from combat trauma two out of three of their marriages are failing. Veteran homelessness is on the rise with 1/3 of our nations homeless being veterans (PTSD Foundation of America). Fact: The most extensive study yet by the U.S. government on suicide among military veterans shows more veterans are killing themselves than previously thought, with 22 deaths a day - or one every 65 minutes, on average (Department of Veteran Affairs, Washington D.C.). We are now losing more veterans to suicide than in combat.

A True Community

Another important aspect of a Vet Life Community is the renewed sense of brotherhood / sisterhood that veterans felt when they were in the military. Vet Life Community is a place where veterans can meet other veterans and form new friendships with people who really understand; people who have “been there”. Community members can get together for Sunday afternoon ball games, picnics, televised sports, or even just a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. ... The important thing is to have someone there for veterans to reach out to – a place to find support ... a Vet Life Community.

Join others in a relaxed atmosphere as we discuss life issues and areas in our lives that seem to stop or slow us at times from moving forward. We are all coming for the camaraderie and the instant bond we all have. The things we discuss and work through are life struggles all of us are facing, even those that could be due to serving in the military and especially in combat. 

Each individual will be offered the opportunity to take our assessment, Life Renewed Quality of Life Assessment (QOLA).  This will help determine the appropriate coaching they may need as they transition back into life.

Additionally, the meetings will introduce veterans and their families to trained Life Coaches (all are Veterans) who will help you understand and use the information provided in the Quality Of Life Assessment (QOLA) Profile. Using this information the Life Coach will help them construct a life plan so that the you and your family can make necessary lifestyle changes and experience an improved quality of life. The Life Coach and the Veteran / Family Member meet weekly outside the Community meeting at a time and location that is mutually convenient. Meetings with Life Coaches are personal and done one on one - men coach men, and women coach women.

We are Standing Strong Shoulder to Shoulder and we are Stronger Standing Together than we are standing alone. 


Turn by Turn directions once at the church location. Follow arrows to parking area and to the meeting location inside the church.