Cherokee Veterans Community

Mission Statement: Cherokee Veterans Community helps Veterans and their families to lead fulfilling lives by being a "one stop shop" for resources, providing a much needed Christ centered peer support group, service projects, and educating others. Our mission is accomplished through providing skills and customized services that can be applied to everyday life.


Warrior Ethos: With a pure spirit and calm mind, we can be an effective part of God’s body!

“Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends.” – John 15:13


Cherokee Veterans Community is for all branches of the military equally; active duty, reserves, National Guard and veterans. We also want to welcome spouses, family and friends.


Our Purpose:

  • Fellowship for those facing the challenges of the military, with special attention to those transitioning and struggling to reintegrate.
  • Share the burden of having a loved one serving or has served because we served as well and have family of ones who served on our team.
  • Provide the needed resources and established organizations, becoming the “One Stop Shop”, that provide all kinds of assistance.
  • Educate others on the needs of military families to better understand and provide ways to help.


“Be strong in the Lord, and in His mighty power.” – Ephesians 6:10

Cherokee Veterans Community was created to serve our Veterans through Peer Support Groups, Local and Regional Resources, Service projects for home bound veterans and more.

     You DO NOT need to be a veteran to volunteer and use your gifts and talents. All are welcome to join us as we together service our honored veterans.

 The History of Cherokee Veterans Community

Tim King served 10 years in the Marine Corps with two tours to Ramadi, Iraq, four years in Japan preparing young Marines for combat and then finished his career on Recruiting duty in Atlanta, GA. He has found his new purpose in life which is helping other veterans repurpose the skills and experiences they gained in the military for successful reintegration into their community. 

Cherokee Veterans Community was started as a flicker of a dream that God placed in the heart of Tim King. Tim, a Marine Corps veteran with 10 years of service and two tours to Iraq in support of OIF, felt the pressures of reintegration into civilian life and sought out help and guidance from both the VA and Veteran Service Organizations.

Tim rapidly found out there was a great need for this type of service not only for him but for all veterans, so with his needs in mind, and the needs of other veterans on his heart he started his search for answers. What he found through much prayer was that he was being called to serve in a place that assists veterans’ lives and their family through their own reintegration.

He approached people in his church (FBC Woodstock) and after telling his story and desires was directed to Neil Brown, Minister of Pastoral Care. Tim was encouraged by Neil to not only move forward with his dream but lead it. Tim accepted the challenge and felt it was even more important to yield to God’s leadership and direction.

Through Tim’s connections and the network he built from finding his own answers, he was able to pull together the resources that he knew were essential for success. After many foundational steps, the dream was completed and he was on to step two. Tim then began to talk to anyone that would listen to how God was guiding him and built a team of veterans, families of veterans and others who just had a passion to help veterans. His mission was successful and Cherokee Veterans Community was launched.

There are approximately 14,600 veterans living in Cherokee County. It is the mission of Cherokee Veterans Community to reach and help veterans and their families lead fulfilling lives through providing skills and customized services that can be applied to everyday life. Cherokee Veterans Community is becoming the one stop shop for veterans and their families in Cherokee County by providing the essential resources for a successful reintegration.

One of those resources found was an organization called Operation Not Forgotten. This veteran organization’s core component, Vet Life Community, provides a Christ centered Peer Support group giving veterans a safe place to discuss the many issues they face on a daily basis. Some of these pressures include their past military memories that at times prevents forward movement in their lives.

Vet Life Community is set up to provide a group for both male and female veterans, family and friends as well as for the children of veterans. Tim knew right away that Vet Life Community was exactly what was needed in Cherokee County and it became the core component of Cherokee Veterans Community.